Technological Centre

CETIM mobilizes €2,1M in three digital industry projects selected by GAIN in the call “Smart and Sustainable Factory”

They are focused on strategic sectors such as electromobility, the blackboard or port logistics.

The Technology Centre reinforces one of its areas of knowledge with an investment of more than € 1,600,000.

Centre’s spin off, ENSO Innovation, also mobilizes more than half a million euros.

Culleredo, February 26, 2021. Three R&D projects from CETIM Centro Tecnológico have been selected in the fourth edition of the “Smart and Sustainable Factory” program of the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), which aims to improve the competitiveness of the Galician industrial fabric through the implementation of advanced technologies and Industry 4.0. The three industrial investigations on Digital Twins, blockchain, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing are SMART4SLATE, ECO-SMART BATT and SMARTSTORE, which mobilize a total of € 9,100,000, are the result of the collaboration of the Centre with large Galician tractor industries, CUPA, Silicio Ferrosolar and Grupo NOGAR, respectively.

The success of these three R&D projects reinforces CETIM and one of its areas of knowledge, Digital Industry. A strategic field with a promising future due to the current market demand to enter the so-called “fourth industrial revolution” and transform into sustainable and intelligent factories through the synergistic application of information technologies (ICT) together with other enabling technologies like nanotechnology.

New lithium batteries
ECO-SMART BATT is based on the sustainable 4.0 manufacturing of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density batteries, at a lower cost, that promote the transformation of the automotive sector. The companies ABCR Labs, Artabro Tech, Enso Innovation (spin off of CETIM) and the Technological Centre itself participate in the work consortium, led by Silicio Ferrosolar.

CETIM’s role in the project will consist of optimizing the processes of production and traceability of metallic silicon -which will be supplied by Silicio Ferrosolar- and cellulose nanofibers -in collaboration with ENSO- through the research and implementation of digital twins and blockchain, as well as designing and validating an assembly and assembly process of the new battery cells -ENSO collaboration- by carrying out an automated pilot plant where their industrial scalability will be evaluated.

ENSO Innovation, for its part, will implement cellulose nanoparticles in batteries to seek alternatives that improve the performance of the electrochemical cell based on the creation of three-dimensional conductive porous structures, modification of electrolytes and development of highly efficient separators.

ECO-SMART BATT complements another research project recently awarded to CETIM such as LiOn-HD, funded by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) through the CDTI Missions program.

Slate 4.0
The SMART4SLATE project is focused on the intelligent and sustainable production of natural slate 4.0. The consortium formed by CETIM and Tecdesoft is led by CUPA – the largest slates company in the world.

Specifically, CETIM’s work will consist of researching and customizing 3D printers to manufacture new products with geopolymeric formulations. Likewise, it will also establish comparisons with analogous natural slate products or their corresponding material to verify advantages and disadvantages of some over others.

Port logistics
Finally, the SMARTSTORE project is focused on a sector of great importance in Galicia, port logistics. It will intervene in all phases, from stowage in the port to the delivery of merchandise to the end customer, going through the custody process of strategic products for the current Galician economy such as solid agri-food bulk, frozen or metals.

In the consortium of companies led by Grupo NOGAR, CETIM will collaborate with Galigrain, Internacional de Comercio y Servicio, Protea Productos del Mar. P&J Carrasco. His work will consist of continuing to advance in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies related to the factories of the future, such as modeling with digital twins and the combination of artificial vision systems with collaborative robotics.

Bet on the future
These three actions are part of the Xunta de Galicia’s commitment to a more sustainable economy that guarantees recovery through ecological and industrial transformation, modernizing the industry and ensuring growth, relying on strategic sectors and large industries of the economy Galician to turn them into engines that drag and mobilize the entire productive fabric. The three projects have been funded by the Galician Innovation Agency in the framework of the 2020 call of the Fábrica del futuro, fábrica inteligente y sostenible de la industria 4.0 aid programme. The grants awarded under this programme have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under Axis 1 (Promoting research, technological development and innovation) of the ERDF Galicia 2014-2020 operational programme. The project is supported by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation.