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Conecta PEME promotes innovation in Galician strategic sectors

Since its inception in 2013, the Conecta PEME call of the GAIN – Galician Innovation Agency promotes cooperation between SMEs and the other agents of the regional innovation ecosystem. Its main objective is to increase private enterprises R&D in Galicia, with innovative projects regarding the technologies generated and, in particular, its ability to market new products and solutions.


In CETIM Technological Centre we have developed since the first edition of the program innovation projects, market-oriented and framed in strategic sectors for the industrial and productive fabric of Galicia. Highlights projects focused on the improvement of processes in the aeronautical sector – such as AEROGAL, which developed an industrial platform for design, calculation and series production of aeronautical components, or MACIZADO, in which CETIM investigates advanced resins and composites for the optimization of industrial production of aircraft panels- or the development and promotion of wind energy, such as ARTECH, which implemented technologies for adapting materials and engineering of renewable generation systems to Arctic climates.


Presentación pública de los resultados de Conecta PEME 2016 Macizado, el pasado 21 de febrero en las instalaciones de su líder, UTINGAL.

Public presentation of the results of Conecta PEME 2016 Macizado, on February 21 at the facilities of its leader, UTINGAL.


These projects are business initiatives of Galician SMEs, tractors not only of local industry but also of collaborative innovation between the different agents in the value chain of their respective sectors.


Connect PEME 2018
Currently, the fourth edition of the program is underway. CETIM participates in it through six projects strongly aligned with the challenges and priorities identified in the RIS3 for Galicia, and that promote the sustainable development of strategic sectors for the Autonomous Community.


The agri-food sector, which generates 17,000 jobs and 4.6 billion euros of business, is one of the engines of the Galician economy. CETIM Technological Center we work with leading companies in the sector in the investigation of technologies and implementation of circular economy strategies. Two projects stand out:


In the BIOPOL project we investigate the obtaining of biopolymers from by-products of the dairy industry and application in sectors of interest. The consortium led by INDUTEC Ingenieros, with the technological support of CETIM, is carrying out the research, development and validation of a new process for obtaining biopolymers (polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), based on the use of by-products and waste streams generated in DairyLac -industry The objective is to improve the encapsulation of aromas and fragrances for the detergent and cosmetic sector, making it eco-sustainable.


Acto de difusión del proyecto BIOPOL el pasado 27 de diciembre de 2019

Act of dissemination of the BIOPOL project on December 27, 2019.

In MEXICAL project we work on the integration of the mussel shell in its own production process and achieve a zero waste industry. Thus, the consortium led by Galaytec is studying the best methodology to optimize the shell of this mollusk in situ. In a final phase, they will evaluate their application in value-added products as a mineral fertilizer based on calcium carbonate with easy agricultural assimilation and high chemical reactivity and in a protein concentrate with a high concentration of salts and intended for animal feed, thanks to the inorganic and organic fractions associated with this byproduct, respectively.


The water treatment sector is key to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The good quality of the waters of human and industrial consumption and the recovery of the resources present in them are essential. CETIM investigated in this sector in projects such as DEGRADE. Within the framework of this project, a technology based on photoelectrocatalysis is being developed, by combining UV-LED lamps, to replace the current LED lamps, with photocatalysts based on nanoclusters on a conductive material, and the generation of highly oxidizing radicals. The objective of the consortium, led by INTACTA Environmental, is to eliminate both emerging organic pollutants and pathogens from wastewater treatment plants. CETIM participates in the PURENER project, supporting the company Francisco Gómez y Cía in the development of a lagoon system based on duckweed, for the purification and recovery of resources of the by-products of the pig industry.


The forestry sector is indispensable for the Community, with Galicia being a national and international reference. Within the framework of Conecta PEME, CETIM works on the BIOCHARMB project, led by INTACTA Medioambiental. It is developing a model of biomass use based on the transformation of plant debris into biochar (a charcoal) through combustion by pyrolysis. In addition to developing sustainable treatment systems with low construction and operation costs, the project opens the way to diversify and increase the competitiveness of the Galician forestry sector.


Finally, CETIM collaborates in the MODUL project with NORVENTO, a reference company in the renewable energy sector, in research for the integral modularity of the installation of 100% renewable energy systems in remote locations.