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Fotograma reportaje proyecto I+D+i Biopol en TVG

BIOPOL project in the Galician Television programs A Labranza and O Agro

This circular economy iniciative in Galicia aims to transform dairy waste into plastics of organic origin with high degradability for cosmetic applications


Culleredo, November 19, 2020. Two are the main objectives of the R&D project BIOPOL. The first, to reduce costs in sanitation process of industrial waters of a dairy industry. The second is to transform those waste treatment with a high fat content into another product with high added value, such as highly degradable plastics of organic origin with. These biopolymers, called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), are biocompatible and have an excellent application for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or medical sectors, as explained by Julio Fierro, senior researcher in the ECO BIO Technologies Area of CETIM.

In these reports, broadcast on the Galician televisión (TVG), are explained in detail objectives, development, research and implementation of the BIOPOL pilot, whose laboratory phase has been carried out at CETIM facilities.


O Agro >>

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Fotograma reportaje proyecto I+D+i Biopol en TVG


Another advantage of BIOPOL is that it is promoted by a consortium of five companies: : INDUTEC Ingenieros, Galacteum, CARINSA and SOELEC, along with its research partner CETIM Technological Centre. “Many times, the solutions to the problems in one sector come from a completely different one. We unite business needs that feed into each other”, highlights Adrián Rodríguez, head of business development at CETIM. Almost half of the investment budget of € 1.2M is provided through a Conecta PEME grant from the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN).


In short, a more efficient management of waste at an economic and environmental level will allow converting one raw material into another through an R&D process. By extension, this type of initiative is one more step on the way to implement a circular economy model in strategic productive sectors for Galicia such as dairy.