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GEOSTONE II project faces its final stage

GEOSTONE II project in which CUPA Group, in collaboration with CETIM, is developing a series of high-performance geopolymer mortars and concretes from slate dust and granite is nearing his completion. The results achieved up to date have been very successful and show potential for their possible introduction in the market.


The development of geopolymer mortars and concretes already represents an environmental benefit for the construction sector, since they are a substitute for conventional Portland cement, whose production has a very high carbon footprint. In addition, the use of slate and granite dust as precursors for obtaining these new materials represents a further step forward in relation to the efforts of the world’s leading slate producer in implementing circular economy processes: Thanks to GEOSTONE I and II, two of the by-products generated by CUPA Group’s activities are being put to good use.


Muestras patrón de geopolímeros proyecto GEOESTONE IIGeopolymer pattern samples.


Over the last steps of GEOSTONE II, a set of demonstrators are being made from the high performance geopolymers obtained during the project. These demonstrators represent a qualitative leap within the state of the art of geopolymer materials and their use is being validated for completely new applications in the market. These advanced features together with the use of slate and granite as precursors have made GEOSTONE II project a unique project.