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BIORECOVER and its consortium present the technical advances in the recovery of critical raw materials

Last 29th and 30th January, CETIM Technological Centre participated in the second meeting of the H2020 BIORECOVER project, held in Greece. This project, led by CETIM, researches sustainable production and recovery of critical raw materials, BIORECOVER is made up of a multidisciplinary consortium of 14 partners from 6 EU countries, and has the international cooperation of South Africa. Furthermore, it involves the entire value chain, from the sources of critical raw materials to their final application in products.


The meeting took place at the Mytilineos plant, a company partner of the project and second largest bauxite producer in Europe. During the two days of the meeting, all the participating partners presented the technical progress of the project. BIORECOVER is a project that focuses on the research and development of a new, sustainable and safe process, based primarily on biotechnological processes, for the selective extraction of a wide range of critical raw materials from various sources, including bauxite waste. Bauxite is the main source of alumina, the aluminium precursor, and is composed of aluminium hydroxides normally accompanied by small quantities of other types of minerals. The project seeks to exploit the bauxite residues through the extraction of rare earths.


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BIORECOVER consortium visit to the Mytilineos plant.