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CETIM, invited by Técnicas Reunidas to the LIFE WALEVA Workshop, exposes its work in lignin valorization

On March 18, the “Workshop LIFE WALEVA” conference took place in Madrid, at the José Lladó Technological Center of Técnicas Reunidas. The day was divided into 2 parts: presentations and technical visit.

During the presentations, the issues raised included the environmental problems associated with rice straw, technologies for its valorization and opportunities for the chemical industry:

The problem of rice straw. Role of research in the valorization of waste. By Carmen González – Director of CICYTEX

SOSTRICE. Reduction of CO2 emissions derived from rice cultivation through energy valorization of rice straw. By Olga Aguilera – Director of Sustainability IAT and Alejandro Rodríguez – Managing Director CITAGRO.

Production of Levulinic Acid: WALEVA Technology. By Ángel Galindo Carbajo – Técnicas Reunidas.

Dr. Rosalía Noguerol, Responsible of CETIM ​​Advanced Materials Area, gave a talk about the valorisation of lignin, the main component of wood, in different applications with high added value. This is a topic of high strategic value because it is a pillar of the biorefinery, and in which CETIM works in collaboration with companies such as ENCE or Técnicas Reunidas itself.

During the technical visit, the numerous attendees could see the WALEVA technology pilot plant, which will obtain levulinic acid (LEVA) from rice straw residues, very abundant in Spain. The final result of the project will be to achieve a high impact in the following industrial sectors: general chemistry, polymers-plastics, biofuels, pharmacy and food, offering them bio-based levulinic acid.