Technological Centre

CETIM optimizes logistics and production processes thanks to Artificial Intelligence

SMARTSTORE project, featuring CETIM participation, develops the use of robotics and artificial vision to improve the digital transformation of automated sorting, reducing times and its costs.

During the last year 2022, our research technicians have obtained great results in the SMARTSTORE project. One of the most remarkable milestones is that they have successfully completed the development of robotics and artificial vision that enable automated product sorting.

SMARTSTORE is a project within the Factory 4.0 call, funded by the Galician Innovation Agency, which aims to deploy different Industry 4.0 tools for the port logistics chain. The work plan is divided into several systems. From CETIM we collaborate for the loading and unloading system (SMARTLOAD), goods or vehicle identification (SMARTID) and the Big Data platform (SMARTDATA).

SMARTSTORE objective is the development of Digital Twins of the automated logistic processes for each type of relevant product, in this way obtaining a unique simulation environment for the control and management system of the daily operations. In addition to CETIM, 4 companies are collaborating in the project: NOGAR Group, INTERNACIONAL DE COMERCIO Y SERVICIO, PROTEA PRODUCTOS DEL MAR and J&P CARRASCO.


During this last year, CETIM’s research staff has made great progress in SMARTSTORE. Regarding the implementation of the Digital Twins of the processes, it has been possible to analyze the points of improvement for the optimization of production.

Likewise, a new Digital Twin has been developed as a support tool to provide support to the operations area of the companies. This will make it possible to decide where to place the goods received, taking into account the flow of arrivals and departures of the product. To this, CETIM’s technical researchers created a first Digital Twin that consists of a simulation based on Artificial Intelligence, whose purpose is to improve the operability of the extrusion process. In addition, a simulation based on Artificial Intelligence was also carried out, recreating the fall of the grain to optimize its use in warehouses.

Regarding the technology developed for the project, SMARTLOAD, from CETIM we deployed a robotic system for companies that allows automatic sorting depending on the type of product being worked with. This is possible thanks to the second technological system, SMARTID, which is based on the placement of a set of artificial vision cameras to read the labels and send the information to the robot. In this way, the robot can classify each product in its corresponding place.

Continuing along the same line which we started the project in 2021, a Digital Twin is being developed to ensure operability and further optimize the sorting process.

In summary, the SMARTSTORE project involves moving towards the optimization of logistics and production processes, since, with the use of digital technologies, artificial vision and collaborative robotics, it is about to analyze and find a solution to current business needs. With the development of these new technologies typical of Industry 4.0, significant technological advances can be obtained in the main logistic-port activities in highly relevant products in Galicia.

This project is subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency in the framework of the 2020 call of the Factory of the Future, intelligent and sustainable factory of Industry 4.0 aid program. The grants awarded under this Program have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under Axis 1 (Strengthening research, technological development and innovation) of the ERDF Galicia 2014-2020 operational program.  The project is supported by the Second Vice-Presidency and the Regional Ministry of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation.