Technological Centre

CETIM, recognized as a National Technology Center

Since 2014, it had the category of Technological Innovation Support Center.



Culleredo, April 23, 2019. This April 10th the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICINN) has notified CETIM of its official registration in the registry as national Technology Centres. It is a recognition of Center’s work in research and innovation, its human and material resources and its scientific and technological capabilities.


This grant represents a qualitative leap for the institution, which since 2014 had the category of Support Center for Technological Innovation. Both figures are key agents in the development and application of R&D in Spain and, as indicated by the Ministry, “contribute to the general benefit of society and the improvement of the competitiveness of companies through the generation of knowledge technological, carrying out R & D & I activities and developing its application. The activity of the centers has been essential for the technological and industrial development of Spanish SMEs. ”


The registered Technology Centers must comply with and justify very demanding indicators to be recognized as such. In addition, from now on you must continually review these conditions to maintain the required quality standards.




In order to obtain the accreditation of the National Technological Center, CETIM has had to overcome the academic training standards of its staff, its billing (characterized by the low percentage of non-competitive public funding and the high percentage of private research contracted), or the number of clients , among others.



R&D map in Spain

Currently, there are 60 Technology Centers registered in Spain. Its activity is focused on sectors such as automotive, telecommunications or civil technology, among others.


For its part, as a multi-sector center, CETIM works with all types of industrial and business sectors to which it can contribute value such as chemical, biochemical, engineering, wood and forestry, waste management, wastewater treatment, construction, plastic and polymers, automotive or food industry. In recent years, it has mobilized a large part of its projects towards the circular economy to obtain products with high added value from by-products.



The complete list of National Technological Centers can be found on MICINN’s website