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Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost as a key tool to assess the environmental impact

CETIM are experts in Life Cycle Assessment to measure the environmental impact of products and services during all stages of their existence.


We also develop Environmental Product Declarations, applicable in different sectors under globally accepted certifications.


We use methodologies such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), carbon footprint, water footprint or net environmental impact of eutrophication following different widely recognized calculation methods, such as ReCiPe v.1.1, UseTox, ILCC or Environmental Prices, among others. According to the product or process under analysis, the method that best represents its environmental profile is selected.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a design tool that investigates and evaluates the environmental impacts of a product or service during all stages of its existence: extraction, production, distribution, use and end of life (reuse, recycling, recovery and elimination/disposal of waste).


Its use is increasingly widespread, and sectors such as construction are beginning to implement these methodologies as a measure to anticipate legislative changes and the requirements of designers who use the information from the Declarations in Green Public Procurement (GPP), private purchasing criteria. or certification schemes for buildings and construction works.


CETIM Tecnological Centre are specialized in the development of Life Cycle Assessment and Cost Cycle Cost of processes and products, both in the research and industrial fields. We carry out LCAs from cradle to grave, cradle to door, door to door or door to grave, always in accordance with current standards such as UNE-EN ISO 14040 and 14044. To perform environmental profiles we use the SIMAPRO software v.9.1 that incorporates different databases such as Ecoinvent 3.6, Industry data 2.0 or Agri-footprint.


From CETIM, we also make environmental declarations of products (Type III Ecolabel), applicable in different sectors under globally accepted certifications (such as EPD International® or GlobalEPD, among others) and we advise and support our clients in obtaining other environmental certifications of sectoral type, Type I-II Ecolabels and development of ecodesign strategies. We are also registered in Environdec® as an accredited entity to perform LCA / EDP.


Life Cost Cycle (or Life Cycle Cost Analysis) is the analysis of all costs (direct and indirect, variable and fixed) that can be assigned to a product or service from the beginning of the idea’s conception to the end of its useful life, by or for any agent associated with the phases of its life (supplier, producer, consumer, user…). From CETIM we carry out these analyzes complying with methodologies such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA), amortization time or return on investment or annual net value to calculate the commercial viability of new products or processes. At CETIM, we also calculate the eco-efficiency of a product or process following the guidelines of UNE-EN ISO 14045.



Success stories
At CETIM we have extensive experience in the development of this type of Analysis. In projects such as REC4Agua and GEOSTONE, we have carried out the LCA of a technology of liquid-liquid contactors of hydrophobic membranes for the recovery of ammonia and of new green concretes without the use of cement. In addition, we have made Environmental Product Declarations, such as the FASER piping system, marketed by our collaborator ABN Group.


We are currently developing the Life Cycle Analysis of 10 processes, products and investigations for more than 40 clients and collaborators. The one we carried out for the LIGNOPRIZED consortium stands out, for example, in lignin biorefining research to obtain high-value products for industries such as construction, polymers or detergency.