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Galicia stands out in promoting projects promoted through Innovative Public Procurement

The general director of R&D of the Ministry of Science and Innovation and Universities, Teresa Riesgo, highlighted the weight of Galician projects in the calls for Innovative Public Purchase during an event held this morning at the headquarters of CETIM in Culleredo.


According to the director of the Galician Innovation Axencia, Patricia Argerey, our community manages 40% of the Innovative Public Purchase funds granted in Spain.


The meeting organized by CETIM cited agents of the Administration and companies and promoters of innovative projects linked to the construction sector.



Culleredo, Thursday, October 3.- CETIM Technological Centre hosted this morning a technical day in which the challenges and opportunities offered by the Innovative Public Purchase (CPI) and the Pre-Commercial Public Purchase (CPP) for the sector of the construction and the companies and promoters of innovative projects.


The meeting was opened by the general director of the Galician Innovation Axencia, Patricia Argerey, who highlighted the role of Galicia in this area, pointing out that our community “executes 40% of the Innovative Public Purchase funds of the whole of Spain being, in addition , a reference in good practices since the administration in this field ”. Argerey gave as an example the case of CETIM as “a reference center that has the capacity to raise this type of funds and manage innovation projects”.


Teresa Riesgo, general director of R + D + i of the Ministry of Science and Innovation and Universities, took part in the meeting to explain the operation of the funds available for Innovative Public Purchase and Pre-Commercial Public Purchase, two pillars of innovation promotion that facilitate a framework between companies and the administration that allows, among other aspects, “to improve public services, promote business innovation and position and generate wealth in the productive fabric”. Risk argues that this public procurement system becomes a new and interesting relationship framework between companies and the administration, since it promotes R&D aimed at solving society’s challenges in areas such as health, construction, development Technological and endless fields of public interest.


For his part, Toni Pons, CETIM’s CEO, emphasized the opportunity for many companies and for the administration itself the model of Innovative Public Purchase or Pre-Commercial Public Purchase, where there is a “shared effort and responsibility that minimizes risks”.


Innovative Galician companies
The activity of Galician companies in the framework of Innovative Public Procurement is remarkable. The head of the Office of Innovative Public Purchase of the CDTI, under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, Sergio Capitán, said that the last call for CPI had the candidacy of 25 projects promoted from Galicia. “One of those projects has passed the filter and is among the seven finalist proposals,” he said.


On the day several success stories were analyzed through the testimony of different innovative companies in the international reference construction sector, such as OHL, COMSA, Acciona, the Galician ABN or the multinational BASF.


At the event, which was closed by the mayor of Culleredo, José Ramón Rioboo Castro, it also served to allow attendees to know the facilities and the latest projects of CETIM, a center dedicated to research and development in different sectors, which leads and Participates in regional, national and international projects.