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LIFE REFOREST project begins

The EU-funded project under its LIFE program, “Prevention of erosion and restoration of flora in burned forest areas thanks to an innovative solution based on fungal technosols,” will begin next July. LIFE REFOREST, led by the CETIM Technology Centre.

The project has been funded by the European Commission under the LIFE Program, within the priority area Environment and Resource Efficiency. The objective of the same will be the development of a new strategy to mitigate the loss of soil, associated with episodes after fires in forest areas, through the application of a micotecnosuelo based on organic waste and fungal species. The project will be coordinated by CETIM, Multisectorial Technology Research Center specialized in Eco Bio Technologies, area involved in the project, Advanced Materials and Digital Industry. LIFE REFOREST will last 36 months and will have a total budget of € 1,577,648.

The LIFE REFOREST will have an international consortium made up of entities from Spain and Portugal, where, in addition to CETIM, the Forest Association of Galicia (AFG), the Associação Florestal de Portugal (FORESTIS), Hifas da Terra, Indutec Ingenieros, Treatments will participate. Ecological of the Northwest (TEN TECNOSUELOS) and the University of Aveiro.

Therefore, the area of ​​action of the Project will be located in two of the European areas most affected by the forest fires, Northwest Spain and Portugal, in whose areas the LIFE REFOREST strategy will be validated through the implementation and validation of two pilot areas. Likewise, the project will contribute to the development and implementation of European policies in relation to the environment, providing a new solution to achieve the environmental and climate objectives established by the European Union, in line with the Thematic Strategy on Soils, the Forestry Strategy and the Directives related to the contamination of water bodies.

Next July 31, the LIFE REFOREST launch meeting will take place at CETIM where all the partners will review the activities of the Project and will outline the steps to be taken during the next months.


LIFE REFOREST is a project co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Program | Grant Agreement N0. LIFE17 ENV / ES / 000248