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CETIMUMI VOLTA Unidad mixta de investigación en soluciones basadas en silicio impulsando el liderazgo tecnológico y sostenible gallego.


Joint research unit on silicon-based solutions driving Galician technological and sustainable leadership.



  • Ferroglobe Innovation



The general objective of UMI VOLTA is the research and development of technologically advanced electrochemical solutions, with high energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable based on silicon, with the study of sustainable compounds mainly based on biochars from high-impact species/waste in Galicia and recovery strategies for other residual materials of high interest in electrochemistry. Additionally, it will focus on the development of digitalization strategies and new applications that allow, through support for modernization and digitalization, to promote the Galician industrial model and advance not only towards highly innovative scientific-technological solutions, but also towards sustainability and decarbonisation.

To achieve this goal, VOLTA includes the following 5 lines of research:

• Micro and nano silicon synthesis technologies.
• Synthesis of biochars from natural/residual sources and CRMs from secondary sources: traceability.
• Obtaining anode materials.
• Coin-type electrochemical cell component configuration.
• Scaling of the developed materials and their evaluation in pouch cells.

FILE: IN853A2022/06


GRANT: €823,551.43


The actions carried out by the Unidades Mixtas de Investigación “VOLTA” are subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency within the framework of the 2022 call for the Unidades Mixtas de Investigación Program.






Advanced Materials, CETIM, Cetim Projects, Energy Storage Materials