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Planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales

LIFE GREEN SEWER follow-up meeting

Aguas residuales

Next June 20, the monitor of LIFE GREEN SEWER project will visit CETIM to evaluate the progress of this project, whose objective is focused on a new secondary wastewater treatment system based on a direct-indirect osmosis integration with a anaerobic membrane bioreactor.


To this day, the water characterization activities of the effluents to be treated, the definition of the system requirements and the design of the pilot plant and its monitoring and software system are being carried out.


The next step will be the construction and validation of this treatment system endos type wastewater of different origin in two locations: the first, in Abrunheira (Mafra, Portugal), where they will treat and recover the resources present in the effluent of one landfill, and the second, at the Ares Wastewater Treatment Plant (Galicia, Spain), where the effluent from the primary treatment of said treatment plant will be treated and valorised.


LIFE GREEN SEWER is one of the five European projects achieved by CETIM in 2018, in which a consortium of five partners takes part.


This new system will not only treat wastewater, but will also simultaneously allow the recovery of resources in line with the Strategic Plan for Circular Economy of the European Commission, obtaining biogas, nutrients and water for reuse. In addition, monitoring and reduction of discharges of emerging pollutants and pathogens will also be carried out, as well as the reduction of energy consumption and water losses, and the decrease in operating costs of secondary treatment of wastewater.



LIFE GREEN SEWER is a project co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE Financial Programme Grant Agreement No. LIFE17 ENV/ES/000341