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Successful final meeting of MACIZADO consortium

UTINGAL , leader in the aeronautics sector presents its new initiative in the field of R&D carried out with the support of GAIN through the CONECTA PEME 2016 program and in which two leading companies also participate, such as: the engineering BASE 2 ENGINEERING and COASA, of the AERNNOVA group.


Under the title “AUTOMATED TOOL OF MASSAGE OF AERONAUTICAL PARTS OF HIGH ADDED VALUE”, the project has had as its fundamental objective to generate a specific tool for the process of solidizing pieces of high added value for the aeronautical industry. Component potting is a complex technological process that requires a whole series of development, inspection and automation tools that can only be solved by a group of first-line companies that combine the different lines of development required.


Thus, the project has combined the efforts of UTINGAL as a company specialized in aeronautical engineering, BASE 2 as an expert company in process automation and COASA as a tractor company in the aeronautical sector. UTINGAL was mainly responsible for the development of machining processes, BASE 2 of electronics and related robotics and COASA provided the industrial characterization of the process, bringing development closer to the market and the industry. In this way, with the support of FEDER and GAIN it has been possible to generate a real and applied technology, which provides Galicia with greater productive potential and will crystallize in the coming years in different commercial lines of great strategic interest for the area. In addition, the project has received the necessary collaboration from AIMEN, which has collaborated in the development of technology linked to process inspection processes and CETIM for the development of materials engineering and rheology.


This project, started in February 2016 and successfully completed in November 2018, has had 5 major lines of development around the bulk, based on machining, automatic and vacuum filling, the surface solid, the precurado or the solid one. On February 14, the consortium will present its results to the Galician Innovation Agency, GAIN.


The project has FEDER funding and with the support of the Xunta de Galicia and GAIN through the CONECTA PEME 2016 program (IN852A/20).