Technological Centre


Technological Services

Physical-chemical characterization of organic and inorganic materials, determination of organic chemical compounds, elementals, treatment of samples


Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of water, emerging pollutants, soil analysis


Accelerated aging and corrosion tests


Processes and products LCA and LCC, carbon and water footprint analysis, environmental declarations


Fishery and aquaculture products analysis


Photocatalytic measurements of materials


Mixing of mortars, pastes and concrete and characterization

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Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis of different materials, soils and waters
Physical-chemical characterization of organic and inorganic materials
Determination of various chemical compounds: organic (volatile and non-volatile), elementals, functional groups, …
Fishery and aquaculture products microbiological analysis: parasites, …
Development of bioassays to evaluate biocidal products capacity and the impact of contaminants on water
Photocatalytic efficiency measurement
Standardized tests of thermoplastic and thermostable polymers
Sample treatment: extraction, purification, pre-concentration, derivatization, …
Accelerated aging and corrosion tests

Prediction tests of the influence of atmospheric factors on all materials and parts of any sector:

Effect of sunlight, rain and dew: accelerated aging tests with alternating cycles of ultraviolet light (UV), 100% saturated humidity and spray, with elevated and controlled temperatures.
Effect of full-spectrum sunlight and rain: photoresistance, color stability and photostability tests, with Xenon arc lamps, with humidity and spray control.
Atmospheric corrosion effect: cyclic corrosion tests with salt spray and controlled relative humidity.
Life cycle analysis
Processes and products Life cycle analysis (LCA) and Life cycle cost (LCC)
Analysis of carbon and water footprint
Products Environmental declarations (Type III Ecolabel), applicable in different sectors (food, construction, etc.) under globally accepted certifications such as EPD International®, GlobalEPD, …
Support in obtaining other environmental certifications of sectorial type, Ecolabels Type I-II and development of ecodesign strategies
Design and performance analysis of new additives and construction materials
Design and development of customized mortar and concrete batchings
Experiments design, performance analysis and continuous product improvement.
Physical-chemical characterization of additives and concretes: additives properties, specific surface, properties in fresh and hardened, specific properties with ad-hoc tests.
Modified bitumens design and development. Characterization based on regulations.
Development of customized bituminous emulsions and characterization.
Development and design of milling trains of all kinds of materials by colloidal attrition mill with corundum wheels.