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CETIM publishes the second number of its online corporate magazine

The theme highlighted this semester is a complete report on the use of lignocellulosic materials as a sustainable alternative for the industry of the future.


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Culleredo, September 26, 2019.- At the end of this month of September we publish the second number of our online corporate magazine to inform about the latest developments of the projects underway, as well as new awards and open lines of research.


Specifically, in the section we highlight, we explain what our strategic research line in lignocellulosic materials is focused on the valorization of lignin and cellulose as high value-added materials. Through mechanical, chemical and biochemical processes, we obtain, process and modify advanced eco-sustainable materials suitable for industrial applications in many different sectors.


Precisely, this is one of the topics addressed in the interview with Arturo González, director of R + D + i COPO Group, one of the largest manufacturers of automobile components in the world, and with which CETIM collaborates in research for the use of materials Advanced sustainable obtained from waste.


In the section “To the last one” we advance the award of the European project LIFE ULISES, the state of LIFE DrainRain and the first results of the CIEN NOVACELL. Specifically, LIFE ULISES aims to transform wastewater treatment plants into a new urban biorefinery model; and LIFE DrainRain proves the viability of a sustainable drainage system and in situ treatment of runoff waters for reuse. For its part, CIEN NOVACELL research focuses on the use of micro and nano particles of cellulose in new bioeconomy products.



Finally, in the “Events” section we remember the celebration of the day on Innovative Public Purchase.


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