Technological Centre

Innovation continues under COVID-19; CETIM presents 21 R&D collaborations during the pandemic

As in other difficult times, innovation has proved to be key to successfully overcoming difficulties in the global crisis we are going through due to the expansion of SARS-CoV-2. New technologies, new products, new ways of being in contact with our families, new management tools or new business models are making their way in the post-COVID-19 world.


At CETIM, we contribute our grain of sand and continue investigating the products, technologies and processes of tomorrow with our clients. In compliance with the established security protocols, maximizing telework, we have not paralyzed the investigations in the more than 50 collaborative projects being executed by the Centre.


During the state of alarm, we have maximized teleworking and adapted our protocols to guarantee the safety of the workforce, keeping our clients’ services minimal. Not paralyzing our activity has allowed us to continue executing private and company-financed projects. We have successfully completed intermediate justifications for 11 projects with 33 clients and collaborators.



We have also presented, in addition to 7 proposals for Innovative Public Procurement in the water sector, a total of 21 R&D proposals with more than 40 companies and 20 knowledge and innovation centers, 9 of which are proposals coordinated by CETIM. These are three regional proposals, 14 national projects and 4 international projects. These proposals focus on key topics such as biobased materials for different industries, advanced materials against COVID-19, or biotechnology for the circularity of by-products from the automotive industry. They represent a mobilized global investment of approximately 27 million euros for research and innovation in one of the times of great economic uncertainty.


Likewise, during this period we have known the approval of 3 new projects: a European project in circular economy of the water cycle, a project for the recovery of valuable metals from landfill leachate, and a large collaborative project to obtain thermoset composites from natural sources.


We are proud of the renewed trust in CETIM by our clients, collaborators and Public Administrations. Without them, we would not achieve the results we are accomplishing. We continue to work in laboratories and offices to maintain this confidence and results.