Galician Innovation Agency approves CircularCETIM infrastructure project

The Galician Agency for Innovation has approved the financing of the infrastructure project CircularCETIM (IN607E 2020/04), which is focused on the consolidation and strengthening of one of the main scientific-technical and research lines of the Technological Center CETIM, focused on Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, two of the areas in which it already has extensive know-how and expertise, and which have great potential for growth at regional, national and international levels. In addition, the technological developments associated with the use of this infrastructure are aligned with both the RIS3 Strategy of Galicia, as well as with the Spanish and European Strategy of Bioeconomy and Circular Economy.


Research at CETIM laboratories of new biorefinery models for waste flows


Within this general infrastructure project are included two distinct and complementary lines of work:


  • Line of work 1: Development of biorefinery models and high value-added products from natural and/or residual sources
  • Line of work 2: Use of digital tools for the design and maintenance of biorefinery processes


The project consists of a set of technologically advanced equipment that allows to carry out different tasks associated with both the phases of characterization and pre-treatment of natural and residual raw materials and by-products, their revaluation, obtaining raw materials of interest and critical raw materials (Critical Raw Materials – CRM), intermediate and final products of high added value, as well as the design and maintenance of biorefinery and industrial processes through the use of sensors and digital tools, all in line with current strategies of Bioeconomics and Circular Economy of the European Union.


The main interests and benefits that the infrastructure project CircularCETIM will bring to CETIM Centro Tecnológico for the increase of its competitiveness are the following:


  • Improvement of the Regional, National and International Positioning of the Center
  • Development of New Lines of Research and Development and New Technological Services
  • Increase in the number of clients of the Center
  • Networks & Networking; Increase of the International Relational Capital of CETIM, Publications and Patents
  • Improving the qualification and training of CETIM’s HR


This project has been subsidized by the Galician Agency for Innovation within the framework of the 2020 call of the Program of aid for the strengthening of knowledge generation centers (File: IN607E 2020/04) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the ERDF Operational Program Galicia 2014-2020. Thematic Objective 1: “Promoting technological development, innovation and quality research”. The infrastructure has been supported by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.