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BBI & LIFe Virtual info-days

At the end of April, the info-days of the European LIFE and BBI calls were held. For the first time in its history, and due to the measures taken by all countries to fight the coronavirus pandemic, these events have been held virtually. Despite the virtual nature of the conferences, they have been very useful for the CETIM team – who participated both from our European Projects Office and our Business Development Department – not only to know in depth the calls and programs’ novelties, but also to share ideas and possible collaborations with industries, universities, clusters, etc. throughout Europe.


The BBI JU (Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking) held its seventh info-day on April 22nd. In addition to presenting the call for this year 2020, networking activities were developed, with bilateral meetings through the BBI web platform. CETIM discussed ideas and possible collaborations with more than 60 companies and international organizations.


Momentos de la presentación del Info-day de BBI JU del pasado 22 de abril.

Momentos de la presentación del Info-day de BBI JU del pasado 22 de abril.



LIFE held its LIFE information and networking day on April 30, which we also attended virtually. The day was divided into two sessions: a morning session with an information session on the LIFE 2020 call, the programme’s novelties with respect to previous years and the modifications that arose due to the coronavirus (presentations link); and an afternoon networking session, consisting  of bilateral virtual meetings with the participation of several experts from EASME. As in the BBI-JU event, the CETIM team benefited from this networking session.


Presentación del Info-day del Programa LIFE y resolución de dudas.

LIFE program info-day.


Both info-days have been of great interest to CETIM, as they dealt with key issues for the Centre within the bioeconomy and the circular economy, such as bioactive compounds’ extraction, products derived from lignin and cellulose, or water and waste treatment technologies, for example.