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Almost 200 registrants from all over Spain in the online conference “How the circular economy can position you in your sector” confirm the interest in the potential of the circular economy to create sustainable business models.


Experts in innovation from CETIM presented the techniques and technologies of the Technological Center; specifically the latest equipment incorporated within the framework of the CircularCETIM project valued at € 650,000.

CETIM is committed to bioeconomy and circular economy, also applied to the plastics sector, to achieve a renewable and environmentally sustainable industry that minimizes its dependence on fossil sources. We research the obtaining of both thermostable and thermoplastic biopolymers, from a wide variety of natural primary and secondary sources. We work on their final application in sectors such as wind power, construction or chemicals.

Gestán's activity goes beyond comprehensive waste management. Through research in environmental innovation, they provide an essential added value for their industrial activity. It is your strategic tool to bet on the circular economy in a key activity with great growth potential, such as industrial waste treatment. Currently, they collaborate with CETIM in the BIOCHARMB and VALORIX project, the latter focusing on the treatment of landfill...

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EDAR de El Toyo (Almería), piloto de LIFE PHOENIX.

CETIM takes part, since last month, in a new Project funded under the LIFE programme of the EU. LIFE PHOENIX, led by AQUALIA FCC, is a European project that will address the problematic related to the reuse of waste water for irrigation, in an EU and national context in which water stress is an ever-growing concern. The project deal as well with the increasing challenge posed by the Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) and the microplastics in water.

Galician Material Library, Materioteca de Galicia, promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency, is the first digital database of innovative materials created by Galician companies and knowledge centres.


Polymers included by CETIM Technological Centre are obtained or reinforced with lignin from the valorization of paper pulp manufacturing waste streams.