Technological Centre

April 2021

Next Monday, May 3, ECO-SMART BATT consortium organizes a webinar at 10:00 to publicize the project. Ferroglobe Innovation (project leader) will outline the keys and ambitious objectives of this project, which will investigate the sustainable manufacture 4.0 of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density batteries, at a lower cost, that promote the transformation of the automotive sector. Registration is open here:   

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This Friday, April 23, the SMARTSTORE consortium organizes a webinar from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. to publicize the project. Grupo NOGAR (project leader) will outline the keys and ambitious objectives of this project, which will investigate 4.0 technologies for the improvement of logistics in ports and the storage and transformation of relevant products in Galicia. Registrations are open here:

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ECO-SMART BATT will investigate the use of 4.0 technologies in order to improve the efficiency, traceability and reproducibility of the manufacturing processes of the different materials and products.

With the funding from GAIN, CETIM will participate with ENSO, SFS, Artabro and ABCRlabs in the manufacture 4.0 of high energy density lithium-ion battery components.

In line with the European Green Deal, a transition of the transport sector towards sustainable and climate-neutral technologies is being sought.

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During the next 3 years, CETIM will collaborate with 5 companies to obtain more sustainable cements and concretes, implementing circular economy strategies within the framework of the KEOPS project.

The raw materials to obtain these advanced cements and concretes will be the construction and demolition waste themselves, as well as steel slag from electric arc furnaces.

It will be developed a blockchain application to record and secure precursors and aggregates traceability.

The project, supported by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), brings together five business agents from the entire value chain of the construction sector: ADEC Global, Cromogenia, Cementos Cruz, Extraco and Prefhorvisa.

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