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CETIM participates in LIFE HEATLAND project webinar to prepare our cities for climate challenges and improving quality of life

On April 22, coinciding with Earth Day, CETIM Technology Centre will participate in the Heatland Life webinar.

 A panel of experts will analyze the three major climate challenges facing urban areas: heat, floods and pollution.


Invited by the organization, Saínza Arufe, a researcher in the ECO BIO Technologies area of the CETIM Technological Centre, will present the presentation “Sustainable urban drainage systems, an ecological solution to torrential rains”. This technological research, and subsequent application, is developed within the framework of the LIFE DrainRain project through which CETIM, in consortium with 4 other partners, a new treatment system to mitigate the environmental impact of runoff water.


Specifically, the general objective of this project, co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE Program, is to test the treatment of runoff water through a new comprehensive system of permeable pavement and in situ treatment for its subsequent reuse in basic activities such as irrigation. or washing. Currently, the team of researchers from the Centre is carrying out a demonstration of technical feasibility in the Ferrol estuary (A Coruña) and in Calasparra (Murcia). Learn more about the LIFE DrainRain project here.


HEATLAND LIFE webinar will take place on April 22, coinciding with a date as symbolic as Earth Day. Registration is open here (



LIFE DrainRain viability test in the port of Ferrol.



Cities against climate change
Project LIFE HEATLAND is a European initiative that addresses urban adaptation to the consequences of climate change. The objective is to minimize the effect of the urban heat island while contributing to the mitigation of climate change by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with typical technologies in the ecosystem of cities.