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Xunta and CETIM agree to collaborate in the development of the Pole for the Transformation of Galicia with which the Galician government opts for European recovery funds.


More than 90% of the projects of the Technology Center are linked to the circular economy and bioeconomy.


This year alone, CETIM has presented projects in regional, national and international R&D calls for a value of more than € 65M.

CETIM is committed to bioeconomy and circular economy, also applied to the plastics sector, to achieve a renewable and environmentally sustainable industry that minimizes its dependence on fossil sources. We research the obtaining of both thermostable and thermoplastic biopolymers, from a wide variety of natural primary and secondary sources. We work on their final application in sectors such as wind power, construction or chemicals.

Galician Material Library, Materioteca de Galicia, promoted by the Galician Innovation Agency, is the first digital database of innovative materials created by Galician companies and knowledge centres.


Polymers included by CETIM Technological Centre are obtained or reinforced with lignin from the valorization of paper pulp manufacturing waste streams.

Ferrovial Servicios' Engineering and Environmental Innovation Department has decades of experience and success stories in waste treatment and recovery thanks to its commitment to innovation, technological solutions and, in general, the circular economy. Currently, with CETIM they collaborate in Biomat Recover project for the selective biorecovery of critical raw materials present in electrical and electronic waste (WEEE). The objective is to increase the selectivity of...

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Our research line in Emerging Bio-based Technologies develops projects for the bioremediation of raw materials of strategic value by means of enzymes, microalgae, fungi or bacteria. These bioprocesses show potential for a qualitative leap in the processes of obtaining and recovering metals (such as cobalt, magnesium, rare earths or platinum group metals), both in primary raw materials (mining sector) and secondary raw materials (industrial by-products,...

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CETIM continues its strategic positioning and since May 2020 we are part of ATIGA (Intersectoral Technological Alliance of Galicia). This association is made up of the Galician technology centres recognized at state level. It was created in 2012 on the initiative of AIMEN, ANFACO-CECOPESCA and CTAG, and was later joined by GRADIANT (in 2013) ENERGYLAB and ITG (in 2015) and now CETIM in 2020.   ATIGA is...

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  Today, June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day, one of the most important dates on the environmental calendar. This 2020, the theme chosen by the United Nations has been biodiversity, a matter of concern and more after the health crisis of COVID-19.   Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variability of living things on Earth. It covers approximately 8 million species on the planet: from plants and...

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Circular economy is a business model in which we firmly believe and whose lines of action define the vision and mission of our entity     As the United Nations Organization reminds us, today more than ever, on this International Mother Earth Day (April 22) we need a change towards a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet. It is necessary, he points out,...

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