Technological Centre

July 2022

CETIM Technological Center is one of the 62 leading companies in different sectors that collaborate with the PERTE “Future: Fast Forward (F3)” to turn Spain into the hub of the electric vehicle in Europe. It is the largest business grouping in the history of the automotive industry in Spain, led by the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A. We talked to Marta Iglesias, head of Environmental Innovation and Materials in the SEAT R&D area, about the challenges to be faced in the coming years, the RELOAD project in which CETIM is participating, as well as other R&D collaborations already underway such as ECLIPSE.

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CETIM will be present at the Galicia Biodays, whose first edition will be held in A Coruña on 22 and 23 September.

The Forum, organized by the Life Sciences Technological and Business Cluster (BIOGA), aims to be a reference in the meeting of agents of the biotechnology and life sciences industry of the European Atlantic Area.

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