Technological Centre

March 2021

During the next 2 years, CETIM will collaborate with Cromogenia investigating the obtaining of new biopolyols within the framework of the POLIAC project

 The project is funded by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) within the call for Research and Development Projects (RDP)

 The Basque technology center Tecnalia also collaborates in POLIAC

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Its objective is to produce organic and inorganic fertilizers for organic farming from mussel shells.


The Technological Centre will apply the know-how developed in the MEXICAL research financed by GAIN through the Conecta PEME grants.


Galicia is the second largest mussel producer in the world, so the development of new technologies to transform its waste opens up new business avenues for the canning industry.

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This Thursday 25th March, CETIM Technology Centre will participate in the round table “The connected industry: digital twins, virtual reality and 3D printing”, at 12.00h organised by Solitium Group.

José Sáez, head of the Digital Industry area of CETIM, and Bruno Rodríguez will talk, in particular, about the application of digital twins and virtual reality in industry and production.

Registration can be done through the following online form


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CETIM are experts in Life Cycle Assessment to measure the environmental impact of products and services during all stages of their existence.


We also develop Environmental Product Declarations, applicable in different sectors under globally accepted certifications.


We use methodologies such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), carbon footprint, water footprint or net environmental impact of eutrophication following different widely recognized calculation methods, such as ReCiPe v.1.1, UseTox, ILCC or Environmental Prices, among others. According to the product or process under analysis, the method that best represents its environmental profile is selected.

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