Technological Centre

September 2022

El consorcio ECO-SMART BATT presenta los avances conseguidos en la fabricación 4.0 sostenible de nanocompuestos e ionogeles en baterías ion-litio de alta densidad energética

Next Monday 3 October, ECO-SMART BATT consortium is organizing a webinar at 10:00h to present the progress made so far in the implementation of the ECO-SMART BATT project. The project is investigating the sustainable 4.0 manufacturing of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density and lower cost batteries, which will boost the electrification of the mobility sector. You can see the agenda of the event here.  Registration...

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During this 4-year project, GIGAGREEN consortium will drive the next wave of electrode and cell component processing techniques of the 3b generation Li-ion cell manufacturing industry.

CETIM, as a technological partner, will develop a Digital Twin of the new battery manufacturing processes and, in addition, will participate in the development of a digital data platform.

GIGAGREEN is a Horizon Europe project recently granted by the European Commission and comprised by an international consortium of 16 partners.

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