Technological Centre

April 2022

The LIGNOPRIZED and REDEFINE projects, both focused on obtaining high added value products from lignin, have been successfully completed.

LIGNOPRIZED has successfully introduced modified lignin into applications as diverse as concrete additives, pipes or textile additives, improving their conventional characteristics.

REDEFINE has succeeded in encapsulating fragrances and developing bio-surfactants with degreasing properties.

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CETIM collaborates with port logistics companies in the application of 4.0 technologies such as Digital Twins, Robotics and Artificial Vision for the improvement of port logistics and the storage and transformation of products.

SMARTSTORE investigates the optimization of the port logistics chain through the use of digital technologies such as artificial vision, digital twins, or robotics.

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Entrevista CETIM a Francisco Javier Prego Martínez | Responsable del Dpto. de I+D+i de Misturas

The first prize in the Galician Innovative Materials Competition for the EMULCELL project was public recognition of the solid teamwork to make this “green asphalt” viable. The award also demonstrates that the circular economy and sustainable materials can be applied in any sector thanks to R&D&I and the commitment of companies such as Misturas S.A., which led the initiative. “The demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly materials and construction techniques will increase in the coming years,” says Francisco Javier Prego Martínez, head of the R&D&I Department of the company from Ourense.

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