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Carlos Martínez is, since mid-2018, responsible for promoting, directing and coordinating the work carried out within the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC), as well as its representative with the authorities and forums related to R&D&i, among other functions. From this period, he highlights the solid growth of the institution and “the muscle that the Spanish sector has” as well as the fact that the biannual conference of the ECPT will be held next December in our country.

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Foto de portada proyecto NICE H2020

NICE, a new European H2020 project, coordinated by CETIM, started on 1 June.

NICE – INNOVATIVE AND ENHANCED NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE URBAN WATER CYCLE will be implemented jointly with an international consortium composed of 14 partners from several European countries, Egypt and Colombia, including AQUALIA, a leader in water cycle management in Spain and Europe.

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Next Thursday 3 June, ECO-SMART BATT consortium is organising a webinar at 10:00 am to present the project. The members of the consotium will explain the keys and objectives of the project, which investigates the sustainable 4.0 manufacturing of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density and lower cost batteries, which will boost the electrification of the mobility sector.

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Next Monday, May 3, ECO-SMART BATT consortium organizes a webinar at 10:00 to publicize the project. Ferroglobe Innovation (project leader) will outline the keys and ambitious objectives of this project, which will investigate the sustainable manufacture 4.0 of nanocomposites and ionogels for high energy density batteries, at a lower cost, that promote the transformation of the automotive sector. Registration is open here:   

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During the next 3 years, CETIM will collaborate with 5 companies to obtain more sustainable cements and concretes, implementing circular economy strategies within the framework of the KEOPS project.

The raw materials to obtain these advanced cements and concretes will be the construction and demolition waste themselves, as well as steel slag from electric arc furnaces.

It will be developed a blockchain application to record and secure precursors and aggregates traceability.

The project, supported by the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), brings together five business agents from the entire value chain of the construction sector: ADEC Global, Cromogenia, Cementos Cruz, Extraco and Prefhorvisa.

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Xunta and CETIM agree to collaborate in the development of the Pole for the Transformation of Galicia with which the Galician government opts for European recovery funds.


More than 90% of the projects of the Technology Center are linked to the circular economy and bioeconomy.


This year alone, CETIM has presented projects in regional, national and international R&D calls for a value of more than € 65M.

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