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Unidad Mixta de Investigación UMI AQUATIM - Aqualia + CETIM

Presentation of the AQUATIM alliance, Joint Research Unit between Aqualia and CETIM Technological Centre

Next Monday, November 7, Aqualia and CETIM Technological Center will organize in Santiago de Compostela, the presentation event of the AQUATIM Joint Research Unit.

The UMI will work for the next 3 years to make the sustainable future present, through a circular, efficient, safe and resilient water cycle.

The event, in which prominent members of the technical and business teams of both entities will present the keys to the UMI, will also be attended by Patricia Argerey Vilar, Director of the Galician Innovation Agency, and Teresa Gutiérrez López, Director of Augas de Galicia.

AQUATIM, a sustainable future thanks to a circular, efficient, safe and resilient water cycle
Water is a sector with a high economic impact worldwide and, specifically, in Galicia, where many highly relevant companies in sectors such as agri-food and beverages, the production of cellulose pulp, energy production, etc. , depend directly on the availability and quality of it. Currently, the low flow of rivers and reservoirs due to water deficit is causing many of these companies to be forced to stop or reduce their usual production.

With the aim of alleviating this problem and achieving a sustainable and decarbonized future, using the implementation of a circular, efficient, safe and resilient water cycle as a fundamental tool, the members of the UMI will study and implement new technologies throughout the entire water cycle, through innovation, the development of new circular economy models and digitization to obtain new sources of green energy, new natural resources and their efficient use. In addition, the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity, the development of new digital technologies and the introduction of improvement actions to ensure the quality of water bodies are included.

In this sense, the UMI will put water at the center of the board and will cause a tractor effect on other sectors thanks to its developments. On the one hand, the quantity and quality of water available for industry will be increased and, on the other hand, the use of waste from the sewage treatment plants themselves and from other sectors will make it possible to obtain high value-added products such as biofertilizers or renewable energies. , thus avoiding dependency on third parties.

The actions carried out by the Joint Research Unit “AQUATIM” are subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency within the framework of the 2022 call for the Mixed Research Units Program (File: IN853A2022/05).

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