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The VALORIX project, led by ACTTIA MEDIOAMBIENTAL, is developing an environmentally sustainable and economically viable technology to improve landfill management.

VALORIX technology will allow ACTTIA MEDIOAMBIENTAL to recover magnesium and phosphate from landfill leachate and reduce the environmental impact associated with them.

CETIM collaborate in the project by coordinating the R&D laboratory-scale magnesium and phosphate recovery works. We also support the validation of the VALORIX technology and its technical, economic and environmental evaluation.

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The LIGNOPRIZED and REDEFINE projects, both focused on obtaining high added value products from lignin, have been successfully completed.

LIGNOPRIZED has successfully introduced modified lignin into applications as diverse as concrete additives, pipes or textile additives, improving their conventional characteristics.

REDEFINE has succeeded in encapsulating fragrances and developing bio-surfactants with degreasing properties.

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Next Tuesday, March 8th, CETIM will organize an Online Workshop of the LIFE GREEN SEWER project.

Among the speakers will be representatives of the University of Girona, Sacyr, Aqualia, the LEITAT technology center and researchers from the CETIM Technology Center.

Registration is open until the day before through an online form.

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EDAR de Cabo Prioriño, en Ferrol

LIFE GREEN SEWER (LIFE17 ENV/ES/000341) is a technology demonstration European project. The system developed in the project, allows wastewater treatment, obtaining biogas to produce energy, which reduces the energy consumption of the process, a reuse water stream and another stream rich in nutrients. In addition, this innovative solution contributes to the reduction of sludge, improves air quality by reducing the emission of air pollutants, and reduces the cost of treatment by 30% while cutting down the microbial content along with emerging pollutants.

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The project, called ECLIPSE and clearly aligned with the objectives of circular economy, will contribute to make possible the use of secondary raw materials from the recycling of complex polymeric waste, thus reducing the use of natural resources and the pollution generated by waste.

The consortium that will carry out the research is also made up of seven other companies covering the entire plastics recycling value chain (ACTECO, PICVISA, REPSOL, CELLMAT TECHNOLOGIES, GRUPO COPO, SYNTHESIA and SEAT) and the coordination of the project office will be carried out by CETIM Technological Centre.

The Science and Innovation Missions program, for which the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) is responsible, is part of the State R&D&I Plan approved in 2021 and aims to promote projects led by companies that develop relevant research to find solutions to the main cross-cutting and strategic challenges of Spanish society.

A total of 111 projects were submitted to this second call for proposals, of which 37 were approved. The project led by Técnicas Reunidas was the third best evaluated project.

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Arranca el proyecto de investigación industrial ZEPPELIN que, liderado por AQUALIA con CETIM Centro Tecnológico como coordinador de la oficina técnica, buscará soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras, eficientes y circulares de producción y almacenamiento de hidrógeno verde.

The industrial research project ZEPPELIN, led by AQUALIA with CETIM Technolgical Centre as technical office coordinator, will seek innovative, efficient and circular technological solutions for the green hydrogen production and storage.

The ZEPPELIN consortium is formed by 7 other leading companies that cover the entire hydrogen value chain: NATURGY, NORVENTO, PERSEO, REDEXIS, REGANOSA, TECNICAS REUNIDAS and REPSOL.

ZEPPELIN is financed by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), through the CDTI Missions program, aimed at financing large strategic business R&D initiatives that propose solutions to cross-cutting and strategic challenges for Spanish society.

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