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CETIM presents ‘La Cross’ project to Gómez Besteiro, member of the Spanish Congress

The Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness in Circular Economy, which we will develop in the estuary of O Burgo, will have 8,000 square metres and a budget of more than 7 million euros.

José Ramón Gómez Besteiro visited our facilities this morning and saw first-hand the activity that we have been developing for 10 years.

From left to right, Toni Pons, General Director of CETIM; Julio Fierro, Principal Investigator of ECO BIO Technologies at CETIM; José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, Member of Spanish Congress, José Ramón Rioboo, Mayor of Culleredo and Lucía Camino Vázquez, Executive Director at CETIM.

This morning, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, Member of the Spanish Congress, and José Ramón Rioboo, Mayor of Culleredo, visited our facilities in Culleredo. They were accompanied by our General Director, Toni Pons and our Executive Director, Lucía Camino Vázquez, who presented the future project to which we aspire from CETIM, the creation of the Centre of Excellence for the Competitiveness of Circular Economy, in the area of the old factory of ‘La Cross’.

Toni Pons: “Due to our great growth since the beginning of our activity 10 years ago, we need to move to a much larger space”. He added that “?La Cross’ is the ideal place, as we are looking to convert a space that was years ago the main source of pollution in the estuary into a Centre of Excellence for the competitiveness of the Circular Economy”.

During this morning’s visit, José Ramón Gómez Besteiro learned about our multi-sectoral nature through our three main areas of action: Advanced Materials, ECO BIO Technologies and Digital Industry. Gómez Besteiro declared: “We share with them the new impetus they want to give to the recovery of the old Cros project” and affirmed that “this is the commitment to the future, the recovery of the estuary and the recovery of an industrial heritage through the promotion of technology”.

From left to right, Rosalía Noguerol, Head of the Advanced Materials area; Toni Pons, José Ramón Rioboo and José Ramón Gómez Besteiro.

‘La Cross’

From CETIM we are in the process of seeking funding to carry out our project that will place Galicia in a Galician pole of circular economy thanks to the creation of a Centre of Excellence in the space where the old ‘La Cross’ factory was located, in O Burgo.

The building will have 8,000 square metres and will have spaces for the coworking of companies specialised in sustainability, as well as spaces for training and awareness-raising; but also for all our laboratories.

In addition, the construction will be carried out in different phases to increase the spaces, in a sustainable way and with environmentally friendly materials, until reaching those 8,000 square metres, for which a budget of more than 7 million euros will be earmarked.

Toni Pons: “We want it to be a green and sustainable building, as we are a technology centre that leads research in the forestry sector and this project will be a pilot of the research we carry out”.

There is still no official date for our installation at ‘La Cross’, but we hope to be able to start work as soon as possible to “have a space adapted to our continuous growth”, said Toni Pons.