Innovative Public Procurement Day in the construction sector

On October 3, CETIM Techonogical Centre organizes in its facilities the Conference “Innovative Public Purchase and Pre-Commercial Public Purchase as tools for innovation in the construction sector”


First level speakers from the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities (MICINN), the Galician Innovation Axencia (GAIN) and the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) will present experiences and future actions in CPI and CPP of their respective entities.


OHL will present its case of success in innovative public purchase CUBIPOD, and the companies ACCIONA, COMSA, BASF and Grupo ABN will participate in the Innovation, Industry and Market round table.



Culleredo, September 10, 2019.In recent years, Innovative Public Procurement and Pre-Commercial Public Procurement have become essential tools for the promotion of innovation from the public sector. Its importance is even greater in a sector such as construction, where public-private collaboration is essential.


Next Thursday, October 3, experts from both public and private entities will meet at CETIM to present and discuss the innovation and market needs of this sector of vital importance for the Spanish economy.


Patricia Argerey, GAIN Director will open the Conference. Next, Teresa Riesgo, General Director of R&D of MICINN, Sergio Capitán, Head of the Office of Innovative Public Purchase of CDTI, and Luisa Boquete, Director of Innovation Programs of the GAIN, will present the experience of their respective entities in these tools, as well as future actions and opportunities planned for companies in the construction sector.


On the part of the industry, José Antonio de Apraiz, Territorial Director of the Northwest area of ​​OHL will present the company’s experience in CPI, as well as its success story CUBIPOD. Next, Joan Peset, Head of the COMSA R&D Department, Miguel Ángel Paris, Head of Projects & Sustainable Building Area of ​​ACCIONA, Javier A. Vázquez, President of Grupo ABN, and Pere Borralleras, Technical & Marketing Manager of BASF Construction Chemicals.


The session will end Carlos Martínez Bertrand, Managing Director of the Spanish Technology Platform for Construction, PTEC.


You can consult the complete Program and register here. Limited capacity by order of registration, deadline Monday, September 30.