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Presentation of BIOCHARMB project

Next January 9, 2019, the CETIM Technology Centre will host the presentation of the Conecta PEME project BIOCHARMB “Development of a biomass pyrolysis plant for the use of biochar in environmental applications”.


Its consortium includes the companies GESTÁN Medioambiental, Valora Consultores, ENSO Environmental Solutions and INTACTA Gestión Ambiental, the latter leader of the consortium. With the technological support of CETIM, the partners will develop and validate a biomass valorization strategy through the development of a high efficiency pyrolysis plant, designed to optimize the biochar yield. In addition, the application of biochar will be researched and optimized in two fields:


  • In water treatment, to increase its effectiveness in the elimination of a large number of pollutants
  • In treatment of gaseous streams, through its modification and use as a base in the development of a biofiltration system for the treatment of pollutants in gas streams (H2S, NH3, mercaptans, etc.)


Both applications will be validated during the project through the construction of two pilot plants that will be tested under real operating conditions.


To attend the event, limited capacity, please confirm by email to the address





11.30 | Welcome to the attendees


11.40 | Presentation of BIOCHARMB project Consortium. Speakers:

Rubén Cereijo González – Engineering Director at INTACTA GESTION AMBIENTAL, S.L

Laura Vázquez Pardo – Head of Innovation at GESTÁN MEDIOAMBIENTAL, S.L

Lara Suárez Portela – Project Manager in Sustainability Area at VALORA CONSULTORES DE GESTIÓN, S.L

Saínza Arufe Salgado – R&D Technician at ENSO INNOVATION, S.L


12.10 | BIOCHARMB Project: Objectives and expected results. Speaker:

Rubén Cereijo González – Engineering Director at INTACTA GESTION AMBIENTAL, S.L


12:40 | Questions and questions


12.50 | End of the session



CETIM Technology Centre – Parque Empresarial de Alvedro, H-20. 15180 Culleredo



BIOCHARMB project is subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency within the framework of the 2018 call of the CONECTA PYME Program. It has been supported by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry (Xunta de Galicia) and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) within the framework of the Operational Program FEDER Galicia 2014-2020, Thematic objective 1: “Promoting development technology, innovation and quality research ”