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XXV Encontro Galego-Portugués de Química

We participate in the XXV Galician-Portuguese Encontro de Química

Between November 20 and 22, CETIM researchers María del Mar Castro López and Alicia Bañón Goiriz participated in the XXV Galician-Portuguese Chemistry Encounter, invited by our collaborator José Luis Francisco Fuentes, secretary of the Official College of Chemists of Galicia and responsible of Cellulose R&D in ENCE.


Mar Castro López, co-authored the poster “Lignina – it is possible to guarantee quality”, led by Pedro Calvo Criado, of Lignin R&D at ENCE. The poster is the result of research carried out by CETIM with ENCE to make lignin a biopolymer applicable at the industrial level. This varies in composition according to the tree species, according to its period of growth, and according to the processes of obtaining cellulose. This variability hinders its use, and both entities work with successful results in obtaining lignin with constant characteristics.



Likewise, our partners presented different investigations of CETIM, highlighting:

  • Micro and nanoparticles of cellulose for use in strategic industrial products, which we carry out in collaboration with companies such as the aforementioned ENCE, CHROMOGENIC chemistry or the Miquel and Costas wastebasket.
  • New thermoplastic polymeric materials reinforced with cellulose micro and nanoparticles, in which we formulate polymers with advanced properties for our collaborator and compounder Grupo ABN
  • Environmental remediation in railways by capturing heavy metals through the use of ionically printed polymers (IIPs), which have allowed the construction company COMSA the creation of railway green corridors, by coating the ballast of the tracks with these IIPs.

In addition, Castro López moderated 3 round tables, on nanotechnology, polymers and Analytical Chemistry.