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ECO BIO Technologies

Research on


water and air treatment

and in circular economy and biorefinery


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R & D in water and air treatment
Advanced Oxidation Processes to eliminate of emerging contaminants, disinfection and reuse: photocatalysis, photolysis (UV-LED), O3, H2O2, Fenton Photo, etc …
Membrane Technologies: Direct osmosis, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, membrane contactors, AnMBR, …
Biological treatments: aerobic, anaerobic, anoxic bioreactors.
Electrochemical processes: electrodeposition, microbial cells for the recovery of wastewater, biocatalytic electrolysis for CO2 recovery
Adsorption / absorption technologies for the elimination of pollutants in water, odors and atmospheric compounds
R & D in circular economy
Research and Development of New Technologies for the Regeneration of WWTP and industrial WWTP effluents for reuse in different uses- Irrigation, Cleaning, …
Development of new biorefinery models – Circular Economy – Zero Residue
Obtaining Biopolymers from various waste streams and by-products featuring high carbon content – animal / vegetable oils, sludges, sera, …
Circular Economy applied to Water Management – Resource Recovery (ammonium, phosphorus, etc.), Energy, … | Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
Extraction technologies of Critical Raw Materiasl (CRM) featured in primary and secondary raw materials
Research and development of biotechnological processes for the valorisation and recovery of resources present in different subproducts: proteins, critical raw materials, antioxidants, biopolymers ….
Development of forest biomass valorisation technologies, green and organic residues: anaerobic digestion, dark fermentation for H2 production, composting, … | Encapsulation technologies
Encapsulation with biopolymers for the controlled release of active ingredients, aromas, …
ECO BIO Technologies Projects