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ECO BIO Technologies

Research on


water and air treatment

emerging bio-based technologies and

biorefinery and new value chains


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R & D in water and air treatment
Advanced Oxidation Processes.
Membrane Technologies.
Biological treatments.
Electrochemical processes.
Adsorption / absorption technologies.
Circular Economy applied to Water Management: resource recovery, effluent regeneration, energy,…
R & D in circular economy
Critical Raw Materials Extraction (CRM) technologies from primary and secondary raw materials.
Use of biocatalysts (bacteria, fungi, microalgae, enzymes) for biorecovery or bioremediation processes (e.g. recovery of metals and metalloids of high commercial value, elimination of microplastics, etc.).
Obtaining high added value products (e.g.: proteins, fatty acids, etc.) from different waste flows (marine fish by-products, single cells, sewage sludge…) by means of bio-based processes (e.g.: biological processes, enzymatic processes, etc.).
Development of enzymatic and/or biological pre-treatments to improve energy efficiency in different industrial processes.
Evaluation of the antimicrobial efficiency of biocide compounds, coatings, textiles, etc.
Microbiological analysis of water, sludge, etc.
Biorefineries and new value chains
Development of new models of biorefinery – Circular Economy – Zero Waste.
Obtaining Biopolymers from various waste flows and by-products with a high carbon content (sludge, waste water, by-products of the food sector…).
Development of new processes for the use of forestry and agricultural biomass. Thermochemical processes (pyrolysis, gasification, etc.), recovery processes of compounds of interest (polyphenols, tannins, carbohydrates, etc.).
Technologies for the recovery of organic waste: Biogas production processes, dark fermentation for H2 production, composting, | Technologies for the purification and use of biogas and H2..
Processes for obtaining biofertilizers and recovering nutrients. Formulation of fertilizers, techno-soils from secondary nutrients sources. Regeneration of degraded soils. Field validation tests.
Encapsulation with biopolymers for the protection and controlled release of active ingredients, aromas, etc. in different products (detergency, fertilisation, etc.).
ECO BIO Technologies Projects