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Lignocellulosic Materials
Valorisation, extraction, physico-chemical modification and conditioning of wood derivatives: lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose.
Chemical modification. Fractionation and functionalization processes.
Obtaining micro and nanoparticles of lignin and cellulose.
Development of building blocks and high value-added and eco-sustainable materials from lignocellulosic derivatives: thermoplastic and thermoset polymers, binders, coatings, additives, paper, …
Polymeric Materials & Coatings
New thermoplastic and thermoset polymeric formulations with improved properties: recycled, biodegradable and nanocomposites materials
High performance technical polymers
Molecularly printed polymers (MIPs) and ionically printed polymers (IIPs) for their application environmental remediation
Polymer formulations molding and optimization methodologies (injection, extrusion, infusion, 3D printing, …).
Coatings: Development of eco-sustainable superhydrophobic, icephobic, anticorrosion / abrasion, antimicrobial, reinforced coatings, … and their application methodologies on different substrates.
Sustainable Construction Materials
Cements, mortars and concretes optimized on demand: properties improved through additives, fillers and new generation fibers.
Development of geopolymeric materials from aluminosilicate waste as eco-sustainable substitutes for Portland cement, with improved properties and greater added value for specific applications.
Molding methodologies (3D printing, among others). Optimization of formulations for the application and molding methodology (rheological modifications, …)
Design, improvement and optimization of paving materials: sustainable binders, modified emulsions, soil stabilizers, aggregates, fillers …
Use, conditioning / functionalization and reuse of all types of inorganic waste (mining waste, fly ash, blast furnace slag, etc.) in construction materials
Materials for Energy Storage
Research and development of advanced bio-based materials based on composites and coatings for anode, additives for electrolytes, solid / semi-solid electrolytes and separators for high energy density electrochemical cells.
Research on advanced biobased materials for hydrogen storage focused on cellulosic biomaterials with nanometric size and high specific surface area.
Advanced Materials Projects