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World Environment Day 2020

Día Medio Ambiente 2020


Today, June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day, one of the most important dates on the environmental calendar. This 2020, the theme chosen by the United Nations has been biodiversity, a matter of concern and more after the health crisis of COVID-19.


Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variability of living things on Earth. It covers approximately 8 million species on the planet: from plants and animals to fungi and bacteria, the ecosystems that host them – such as oceans, forests, mountains and coral reefs – as well as the genetic diversity found among them.


However, from the international institution they launch an alarming warning “nature is on the verge of collapse” since a million species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction, largely due to human activities.


There are many ways to collaborate, as individuals with simple daily routines such as separating garbage to facilitate recycling, but also from governments, educational institutions, knowledge centres or companies.


Green DNA

At CETIM Technological Centre, environmental responsibility is in our DNA as well as the business and personal ethics of all the workers that make up our human team as a business model based on seeking the added value of what others consider waste. Since our inception, we have strategically opted to encourage the circular economy through research and technological innovation in recycling processes and methodologies to obtain new materials or products.


We investigate how to continue the life of by-products that would otherwise end up in the landfill, causing a major environmental problem. It is a way to achieve zero residue. Industrial by-products such as lignin are valid to transform into car seat foam; slate and granite dust can be used to manufacture high-performance geopolymer mortars and concretes and in water treatment plants (WWTPs) we find authentic urban mines, extracting from the wastewater resources as valuable and in demand as nitrogen, phosphorous, or reuse.


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