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European LIFE REFOREST and LIFE ULISES projects start construction of their pilots

The European project LIFE REFOREST has started the implementation and validation of its third and last pilot in Portugal.


This project, funded by the European LIFE Programme and led by CETIM Technology Centre, aims to mitigate erosion and soil loss in areas affected by forest fires through an innovative system based on mycotechnosol, a combination of stabilised organic waste inoculated with fungi, contained in tube-shaped biodegradable net.


At the end of September work began on the installation of this innovative solution in a new pilot location. The mountains of the Portuguese municipality of Oliveira de Frades, recently affected by fires, have been selected by the project consortium to evaluate the performance of this solution and validate its evolution for one year.


REFOREST pilot installation area in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal, (above) and detail of the installation on the chosen slope (below).


LIFE ULISES starts the construction of its pilot plants for implementation in the El Bobar Wastewater Treatment Plant in Almeria
This project funded by the European LIFE Programme aims to revolutionise conventional wastewater treatment processes by applying a set of innovative technologies in three areas (gas, water and solids), which will turn wastewater treatment plants into an infrastructure focused on energy self-sufficiency and “total recycling concept “. They will also make it possible to generate high added value resources, such as biofuels for vehicles, agricultural bio-fertilizers and water suitable for reuse.


The LIFE ULISES project, led by Aqualia, has the participation of CETIM Technology Centre, which, through our Eco-Bio Technologies Area, will develop innovative technological solutions in the water sector based on the principles of the Circular Economy for nutrient recovery.


During the first year of the project, and after the characterisation of the by-products and the definition of requirements and basic design, CETIM has now begun the construction of a sludge enzymatic hydrolysis plant to obtain biofertilizers and a direct osmosis and membrane distillation plant to recover struvite. Both will be implemented at El Bobar WWTP in Almería this year for testing and validation, together with a specific area for cultivation trials.


Estación Depuradora de Aguas Residuales de El Bobar (Almería) y detalle de la construcción del reactor de hidrólisis enzimática de LIFE ULISES.

El Bobar Wastewater Treatment Plant (Almería) and detail of the construction of LIFE ULISES enzymatic hydrolysis reactor.