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Wetlands as a natural solution for water treatment

NICE is the last H2020 project that CETIM Technological Center will coordinate to investigate how to improve water treatment in urban environments through sustainable solutions.

CETIM_ Esquema proyecto H2020 CETIM


Culleredo, February 2, 2021. Wetlands are extensions of marshes, wamps, bogs or surfaces covered with water. Being able to be natural or artificial, the latter are a 100% natural solution for water treatment. Today, World Wetlands Day, we want to share with you the latest H2020 project that we coordinate from CETIM Technology Center: NICE – Innovative and Enhanced Nature-Based Solutions for Sustainable Urban Water Cycle, in the process of signing the agreement with the European Commission.


The project seeks to expand the availability of improved natural solutions, NBS for its acronym in English, for water treatment in the urban environment. From wastewater, to river basins, through greywater and rainwater, the entire urban water cycle has a place in NICE.


At CETIM, we will investigate various technologies such as hybrid underground wetlands and green roofs and facades, and we will develop 18 pilot actions in 11 different cities in Europe and also internationally, in Colombia and Egypt. In addition, we plan to launch an open call to incorporate 4 other cities interested in the implementation of NICE’s natural solutions.


New possibilities
But artificial wetlands are a viable solution for water treatment in environments other than urban. CETIM has designed wetlands for companies such as a well-known Galician winery, which thus treats its wastewater with a passive system, 100% natural and respectful of the environment.