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C-Voucher presentation webinar

On Tuesday, October 6, CETIM Technological Centre participated in the webinar, organized by BIOGA and the Cluster TIC Galicia, to present the Call for the C-Voucher Project, to support circular economy’s implementation plans in SMEs.


Invited by BIOGA, Adrián Rodríguez, Business Development Manager at CETIM, made the presentation “Innovation and success stories of circular economy in companies”, The presentation showed how the challenge of waste and by-products recovery is faced by the different areas of knowledge at CETIM. Over the past years numerous successful developments have been achieved, such as water treatment technologies that allow to obtain fertilizers from industrial waste water, bioprocesses to produce biopolymers from agro-food by-product streams, or biohydrometallurgy techniques for critical raw materials recovery.


Rodríguez also highlighted CETIM’s success cases in revaluation of lignin from the paper industry in high value applications and geopolymer concretes’ synthesis from waste.


Presentation of CETIM.

C-Voucher – Circularity Value Replication Program.


As explained during the webinar by the technicians of the Galician Agency for Innovation-GAIN Manuel Paris European Projects Manager and Virginia Vidal Innovation and European Projects Manager, C-Voucher is a pan-European initiative that includes the “Circularity Value Replication” program. This program will destinate 15,000 € to 42 European SMEs to develop their business plans focused on implementing the Circular Economy with the aim of reforming and redesigning the linear value chains transforming them into circular value chains.



Procesos del programa C-Voucher.











This program has a duration of 3 months during which the selected companies will be assisted by different services and support mechanisms to define their own roadmap and incorporate these solutions into their processes. If this business plan is considered viable and meets the requirements, the companies will have access to the 15,000 euros of funding. The second call will be open until October 30, 2020 at 17:00.