Technological Centre

CETIM present our potential in R&D and our future project of the Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness in Circular Economy to González Formoso

The President of the Deputación da Coruña, accompanied by the Mayor of Culleredo, José Ramón Rioboo, visited our facilities this morning and saw first hand the activity that we have been developing for more than 10 years.

We continue our commitment to Culleredo for the creation of the future Centre of Excellence for Competitiveness in Circular Economy in La Cros, which will contribute to the revitalisation of the local economy, to the promotion of R&D from Galicia and will attract highly qualified talent.

From right to left, Lucía Camino Vázquez, Executive Manager of CETIM; Toni Pons, General Manager of CETIM; Valentín González, President of Deputación da Coruña; José Ramón Rioboo, Mayor of Culleredo; and Cristina Pardo, Councillor of Sports in Culleredo.

This morning the President of the Deputation of A Coruña, Valentín González Formoso, and the Mayor of Culleredo, José Ramón Rioboo, visited our facilities, located in Culleredo. During the visit they were accompanied by our General Manager, Toni Pons, our Executive Director, Lucía Camino Vázquez, and the team of R&D managers and researchers, to explain the main activity of CETIM and some of the projects we are currently working on.

The projects that we develop in our Technological Centre are linked to the circular economy, efficient use of resources, recovery of by-products and waste, sustainable innovative technologies and processes, reduction of environmental impact and improvement of the sustainability of various industrial sectors (energy, forest, construction, water, etc.). Due to our multi-sectorial nature, at CETIM we currently have three main areas: Advanced Materials, ECO BIO Technologies and Digital Industry.

From left to right, Cristina Martínez, ECO BIO Technologies Manager at CETIM, Toni Pons, José Ramón Rioboo, Valentín González and Cristina Pardo.

 Creation of the Centre of Excellence for the Competitiveness of the Circular Economy

Due to our great growth in recent years, with more than 200 million euros mobilised, our current facilities have become too small and, therefore, we aspire to the creation of the Centre of Excellence for the Competitiveness of Circular Economy in Culleredo. This future CETIM project for the rehabilitation of the warehouses of the old factory of La Cros, has the support of the City Council of Culleredo and the Deputation of A Coruña, where, in addition to the R&D Centre, facilities for municipal socio-cultural activities, a co-working space for innovative companies and entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability, training and dissemination rooms, an auditorium and outdoor spaces of over 12,000 m2 with landscaped green areas for public recreation are contemplated.

Toni Pons explained: “Due to our great growth since the beginning of our R&D activity more than 10 years ago, we need to continue increasing our scientific equipment and our talent, with the creation of highly qualified employment, but it is very complicated with the space we currently have. At CETIM we want to stay in Culleredo because we are committed to this town and we want to continue promoting the circular economy in our region, positioning Galicia and Spain at the European and international forefront in sustainability, public-private collaboration and R&D, contributing to the economic growth of Culleredo and turning it into a Circular Economy Hub that attracts highly qualified talent”.

For his part, González Formoso declared: “We are ready to contribute whatever is necessary to ensure that La Cros ceases to be an aesthetic problem for Culleredo and becomes the location of one of the most prospective entities with the best future in the field of circularity and scientific research”.

From left to right, Rosalía Noguerol, Advanced Materials Manager at CETIM, Toni Pons, Valentín González, José Ramón Rioboo and Cristina Pardo.