Technological Centre

CETIM receives a visit from the Minister of Economy, Francisco Conde, to learn about his R&D activity in circular economy

Xunta and CETIM agree to collaborate in the development of the Pole for the Transformation of Galicia with which the Galician government opts for European recovery funds.


More than 90% of the projects of the Technology Center are linked to the circular economy and bioeconomy.


This year alone, CETIM has presented projects in regional, national and international R&D calls for a value of more than € 65M.



Culleredo, October 19, 2020. The Economic Vice President and Councillor of Economy, Business and Innovation, Francisco Conde, attended the CETIM Technological Center facilities in Culleredo (A Coruña) on Monday 19. Conde was interested in the activity carried out by the Centre, specialized in bioeconomy and circular economy. In fact, more than 90 percent of its projects are linked to these areas. This year alone, the Center has submitted projects to various regional, national and international calls for a value of more than 65 million euros.


CETIM technicians and researchers explained the Councilor works carried out at CETIM laboratories, such as the processes in the pre-industrial plant to for obtaining micro and nano cellulose particles in industrial products stands out.


During the meeting, CETIM and the Xunta have agreed to work together and support the development of the Pole for the Transformation of Galicia, a project with which the Xunta opts for European funds for recovery. Likewise, CETIM has proposed to the councilor its interest in boosting the innovation and circular economy hub at the old La Cros facilities in the O Burgo estuary (Culleredo), within the framework of the Polo for the Transformation of Galicia. Xunta and CETIM agree that the circular economy is one of the challenges in which it is necessary to deepen with more force to promote solid and sustainable economic growth.


In addition, CETIM, by the hand of its general director Toni Pons, has thanked “the visit of the Vice President and Minister of Economy and Business, Francisco Conde, and the director of the Galician Innovation Agency, Patricia Argerey, especially for the support received from the consellería during the 7 years of life of this exciting project, Galician and led by the people who day by day make this Center a benchmark in the field of sustainability and the circular economy”. Pons expressed his desire to continue receiving the support of the Xunta de Galicia to “continue growing and offering the best of us to society.”


Guided visit
During the guided tour of the CETIM facilities, Francisco Conde was able to get to know, from the hand of its researchers and technicians, the laboratories, the research areas, as well as several of the projects that are currently being executed.


Explaining to the Councilor the extraction and chemical modification of lignin for high added value applications.


The pre-industrial plant for obtaining micro and nano cellulose particles in industrial products stands out; the extraction and chemical modification of lignin for high added value applications; research on chemical and enzymatic treatments for the industrial improvement of boards; recovery of critical raw materials from electronic waste, mining, end-of-life catalysts and bauxites; membrane filtration processes for industrial waters; the detection and identification of microplastics in textile industry waters; the revaluation of biomass as biochar for water and air treatment applications; or obtaining sustainable concrete from slate.


Sustainable business model
CETIM currently executes R&D projects that mobilize more than 150 million euros, with more than 160 companies from all fields, sectors and sizes. With a young and multidisciplinary team, more than 40% of the staff is a doctor. Since its creation, the Center has maintained an average annual growth of 30%.