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Jesús Blasco Gómez | Partner and Corporate Business Director of IDP Group: “Innovation is the true engine of the company”

More than a decade ago, IDP decided to take a key step by implementing the BIM methodology in all the company’s processes and in all the sectors in which the Group operated. The result, they had transformed itself into a 100% BIM engineering company fulfilling their objective of offering a differential service while incorporating all the benefits of this methodology. With the recent acquisition of the engineerings ECOINTEGRAL and the Galician INDUTEC, they have not only consolidated their position, but also take new steps in strategic sectors such as energy and the food industry. Specifically, and with the incorporation of INDUTEC, points out Jesús Blasco, partner and corporate business director of Grupo IDP, “it allows us to offer its expertise throughout the national territory offering a local service to our clients”.

Jesús Blasco Gómez | Socio y director de negocio corporativo de Grupo IDP

IDP Group is a technical services company with more than 20 years of experience in engineering, environment and architecture. What are its main lines of business?

In Spain, IDP Group is positioned as a leader in BIM-based engineering services. We also have presence in Latin America and Europe, as well as solid capabilities and credentials in industry, logistics, retail, environment, data centers, renewable energies and infrastructures. In general, we provide differential and innovative value throughout the asset lifecycle, from the design phase to the operation and maintenance phase by applying digital twins.

Over the last few years you have experienced sustained growth and increased participation in numerous projects abroad, what do you think are the keys?

More than 10 years ago, IDP decided to take a key step by implementing the BIM methodology in all the company’s processes and in all the sectors in which the Group operated, transforming us into a 100% BIM engineering company. In this way, we were able to offer our clients a differential service, as well as the benefits that this methodology allows.

On the other hand, our proven experience, the quality of our service, as well as our BIM leadership have allowed our clients, especially large multinationals, to trust us for their international investments. As we say, our engineering travels well and this has allowed us to work in 52 countries in four of the five continents.

In addition, you are also experiencing strong inorganic growth with the acquisition of companies such as INDUTEC or ECOINTEGRAL. You are not only consolidating your position, but also taking further steps in other strategic sectors. How are you dealing with this diversification?

These operations have allowed us to expand and strengthen our business lines in strategic sectors such as food, energy, renewable energy and telecommunications industries, consolidating our growth plan, with a focus on diversifying our activity in complementary verticals, circular economy and with good growth prospects.

By incorporating Indutec, an engineering company with more than 25 years of successful experience and leader in the food industry sector, as well as Ecointegral, an engineering company specializing in projects related to electricity transmission and distribution, renewable energies and telecommunications with more than 24 years of experience, we add an extensive portfolio of projects successfully completed for clients who are leaders in their sectors. This allows us to form a large engineering group integrated by a great team of more than 450 professionals, and with a common vision and values such as efficiency, technological differentiation, commitment to the customer and proximity service. All this will allow us to have greater production capacity, commercial strength and geographical presence.

“Today, businesses and citizens are at the center of a huge shift towards sustainability and renewable energy sources.”

INDUTEC is currently a leading engineering company in the Galician and national food sector. How do you see your positioning in this sector in the medium term?

With the acquisition of Indutec, a leader in the food and agri-food industry with more than 2,000 projects completed, we are strengthening our experience in one of the sectors that has best withstood the pandemic and which we are convinced will be one of strong growth in the coming years. This incorporation allows us to offer its expertise throughout the national territory, offering a service of proximity to our customers.

We closed the year 2021 with more than 80 new projects contracted in the agri-food sector, with a total investment of more than 1,000 million euros. Among them, the Bon Área agri-food platform in Épila (Zaragoza), comprising 22 industrial plants and a large distribution center; the Ametller Origen agri-food industrial park in Gélida (Barcelona); the Oviganic infant formula plant (Lugo); the frozen fish plant of Grupo Vinova (Pontevedra); the Innolact dairy products production plant (Lugo), the eco-innovative plant of Conservera Gallega (Pontevedra); or the new generation factory of Cafés Candelas (Lugo).

INDUTEC is a company with which CETIM has maintained very good collaborations in industrial research projects such as BIOPOL, MEXICAL o LIFE REFOREST. What does collaboration with technological centres such as CETIM bring to IDP?

CETIM, as well as other innovation and development centers and organizations, acts as a driving force for investment in R&D&I, which in turn is a source of competitiveness and a fundamental element for the economy of a territory. CETIM offers transversal solutions, a multidisciplinary and highly qualified human team, as well as material resources for the generation and exploitation of technological knowledge, allowing us to reinforce the competitiveness and efficiency of our processes.

You invest more than 4% of annual turnover in innovation so, in view of the numbers, this commitment is a strategic pillar for you. What role does R+D+i play in IDP and what have been its main results?

Innovation is one of the strategic pillars of our company to drive digitalization and continue to provide differential value to society.

In the last six years, the IDP Group has been awarded 34 R&D&I projects funded by calls for proposals from programs such as H2020, RETOS, FEDER or RIS3CAT, among others, receiving recognition from the EU and the Government of Spain as an Innovative Company. These projects allow us to innovate technologically in our services and designs, providing continuous value to our customers.

Continuing with innovation, do you think it will enable to tackle the present and future challenges of industry and society? How is IDP facing these challenges?

The importance of business innovation has been growing significantly over the years, especially driven by the unprecedented crisis situation caused by COVID-19. Innovation has become a necessity, and has come to be seen as the true driving force of the company, whether to seize new opportunities or to prepare for unexpected risks.

Today, businesses and citizens are at the center of a huge shift towards sustainability and renewable energy sources. This transition is driving the industry’s own digital transformation at a very fast pace. In this sense, we are experiencing a real explosion in the area of asset digitization and in the intelligent management of operations and maintenance as a key factor in moving safely towards sustainability.

Therefore, for more than five years, IDP has developed a Digital Twin technology platform, focused on more efficient management of information, reduction of maintenance and operation costs, reduction of energy consumption or reduction of CO2 emissions. This tool has allowed us to link the world of data with the physical world of the asset. Currently, the benefits of our Digital Twin are already enjoyed by numerous companies in all the verticals where IDP operates.

The IDP Group is a multi-sector BIM-based technical services company. It is focused on strategic sectors such as industry, logistics, retail, environment, data centers, renewable energies and infrastructures and since the acquisition of INDUTEC engineering, with leadership in the food sector. Since its foundation in 1998, the business project has been transformed into a fully professionalized global company, both in terms of human capital and management tools. It stands out for its vocation for continuous improvement, commitment to innovation and constant development.
It has accumulated references of the highest level in engineering, building and environment, as well as being a leader in the development of projects using BIM technology. It has 10 offices in Spain and Latin America, and projects in 52 countries around the world.