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The essential science for life

On November 15, Chemistry Day is celebrated.


 Technician working in CETIM Technological Centre laboratory.

More than 55% of CETIM team has university degrees in different chemistry specialties.

Chemistry is a multipurpose science and essential for the life and development of today’s society. Practically all of our day to day is based on the different compositions, structures and properties of the materials we use. Chemistry presents an infinity of possibilities for study and research and is always in constant change and evolution.


Knowledge of chemistry allows us to understand and modify matter in favor of human life and the ecosystem. They also make it possible to optimize industrial, agri-food, water and air treatment or waste treatment and recovery processes.


At CETIM we usually say that “we are chemists” both because of our origin and because of our evolution. We are highly specialized in the modification and chemical formulation of materials, in the development of different chemical processes for water or waste treatment, etc. In fact, more than 55% of our human team has university degrees in different chemistry specialties: bachelor’s and doctorate degrees, in chemical engineering or in industrial engineering with a specialty in chemistry.


Chemical specialization for industry
CETIM we are experts in chemical research. In our laboratories, we work on the chemical formulation of different types of materials such as coatings and paints, or polymers and biopolymers (thermosets or thermoplastics). For the construction sector, we develop concrete additives and custom formulations for mortars and concretes with advanced properties.


We also design and optimize chemical processes for the recycling of thermoset polymers such as polyurethane foams or we investigate extraction processes, physical-chemical modification and revaluation of wood derivatives such as lignin and cellulose.


Finally, in the field of wastewater treatment, we develop advanced technologies such as advanced oxidation processes or adsorption / absorption technologies.