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Why recover resources from WWTPs?

In the third CETIM bulletin, we analyze how water treatment plants are becoming recovery plants for valuable resources such as nitrogen or phosphorus or even reuse water for irrigation.


We also interview Frank Rogalla, R&D Director of FCC Aqualia, a company with which we develop projects such as LIFE ULISES or H2020 REWAISE.


Culleredo, December 26, 2019. The theme highlighted this bulletin is a complete report on the transformation of sewage stations into an inexhaustible source of resources and not just waste. Specifically, at CETIM we work on different lines of research for the recovery and / or obtaining of resources, alienated with national and international innovation trends for the circular economy in the water sector.


In relation to this current topic in the sector, we interview Frank Rogalla, R & D Director of Aqualia (FCC Group) on the occasion of the recent award of the European projects LIFE ULISES and H2020 REWAISE, and with both entities in the consortium


In the section “Last News” we advance the award of the European OPTEX project, a new investigation to improve and expand the use of luminescent fabrics in sectors of greater added value. We also take stock of the LIFE REFOREST, which begins the validation of its pilots in Galicia and northern Portugal and of four of the Conecta PEME projects in which we collaborate as a technology partner.


Finally, in the “Events” section we review our assistance and participation in the IV EU Raw Materials Week, the XXV Galician-Portuguese Chemistry Meeting and the EU Water Innovation Conference 2019.


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