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With R for Recycling

With R for Recycling

The 17th of May, International Recycling Day, was proclaimed by UNESCO in 2005 after being celebrated for the first time in the state of Texas (USA) in 1994. The aim of this international ephemeris is to draw attention to a basic practice that should be a protagonist in our daily lives in order to take care of our planet and our own existence as human beings, as well as that of the rest of the species. From the 3Rs we evolved to the 7Rs but, without a shadow of a doubt, the sustainable vision must focus our actions, whether in the private, public or industrial sphere.

According to the World Bank report “What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050” over the next three decades, global waste generation, driven by rapid urbanisation and growing populations, will increase from 2.01 billion tonnes recorded in 2016 to 3.4 billion tonnes. If urgent action is not taken in 30 years, global waste will grow by 70% from current levels.

At CETIM Technology Centre we have developed and participated in almost a hundred projects in which circularity, the valorisation of waste into new raw materials or the extraction of valuable resources, already scarce in nature, from what is considered “waste” or “useless goods” are a common denominator and the basis of our work. The R for recycling is therefore an obligatory practice for us every day of the year.

Since our inception, we have strived to walk this path hand in hand with more than 260 companies and customers from all fields, sectors and sizes, mobilising a capital of €152 million in what could also be called the “circular economy” sector.

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