Technological Centre

27th February 2024: Final event of our BIORECOVER project

The research on the recovery of critical raw materials that we started in 2019 comes to an end with the celebration of a conference where the Head of ECO BIO Technologies at CETIM, Cristina Martínez, will disseminate the results obtained in our Technological Centre.

The project H2020 BIORECOVER, led and coordinated by CETIM, comes to an end with an event that will bring together the scientific and industrial community to deepen in the biomining technologies developed in the project and the results obtained.

During the day, we will attend the presentation of the BIORECOVER results, offering a global vision of the project. This will be followed by sessions to discuss the future of research in the field, commenting on issues such as the advantages of biomining over traditional methods, the challenges linked to the development of this technology and the possible expansion of biomining solutions to other sectors. Finally, there will be a session on the policies needed to address the environmental challenges associated with mining resources in Europe and globally, as well as on the strategies employed so far by the European metallurgical industry to reduce carbon emissions while maintaining economic competitiveness.


Tuesday, 27 February


11:00 a.m.


Spanish Office of Science of Technology (Brussels) – Hybrid

Rue du Trône, 62, 7th floor, 1050, Brussels

The final BIORECOVER event will foster collaboration between researchers, industry players and policy makers, while addressing the challenges and opportunities that arise around biomining technologies. Attendees will be able to exchange knowledge and ideas to bridge the gap between scientific advances, industry practices and policy frameworks.

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