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The workshop took place on Thursday, December 9, at the Centro Sociocultural Xinzo de Ponteareas, in Pontevedra.

LIFE REFOREST aims to mitigate erosion and loss of soil in areas affected by forest fires through an innovative system based on mycothecnosols.

After the workshop, the group visited one of the three experimental plots where the effectiveness of this innovative system is tested, based on a combination of stabilized organic waste inoculated with fungi, and contained in tubular sleeves of biodegradable material.

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The LIFE PHOENIX consortium, led by Aqualia and with the participation of CETIM, is made up of 8 partners from Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Based on low energy consumption technologies, the aim of the project is to obtain reclaimed water from WWTPs of any size and to achieve qualities that allow reuse with full guarantees. Several demonstration plants integrated in sea containers will tour WWTPs in the Iberian Peninsula to test the viability of the selected technologies.

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