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LIFE PHOENIX workshop documentation

All interested people who could not attend the LIFE PHOENIX project workshop on November 4, which was taught in a hybrid format, can watch the event deferred through our YouTube channel and, consult the presentations of each speaker.

Full video of LIFE PHOENIX workshop:



00:14.00 – 00:19:45.- Welcome & Opening. Lucía Vázquez, CETIM Executive Director

00:19:50 – 00:49:00.- LIFE PHOENIX Project Overview – Innovative cost-effective multibarrier treatments for reusing water for agricultural irrigation | Enrique Lara, Project Manager, AQUALIA |Isaac Fernández, Lead Researcher of Water and Air R&D, ECO BIO Technologies Area, CETIM

00:49:00 – 01:06:00.- New EU legislation for water reuse | Isaac Fernández, Lead Researcher of Water and Air R&D, ECO BIO Technologies Area, CETIM [read pdf]

Innovative technologies for water reuse – insight from the academic & research sector:

01:06:00 – 01.35.00.- Wastewater Regeneration & Reuse. Perspective from AEDyR & AQUALIA’s experience | Bartolomé Marín, Head of the Desalination and Reuse Department, Engineering Management, AQUALIA & Member of the Direction Board, AEDyR [read pdf]

01.35.00 – 02:07:00.- Application of membrane technologies for water reuse | Joan Llorens, Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Barcelona (UB) [read pdf]

02:07:00 – 02:27:30.- Application of Nature-Based Solutions for water reuse | Joan García, Professor, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) – GEMMA Group & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DECA) [read pdf]

02:51:30 – 03:14:50.- Solar based AOPs as tertiary treatments for municipal wastewater recovery | Isabel Oller, Head of the Solar Treatment of the Water Research Unit, CIEMAT – Plataforma Solar de Almería[read pdf]

Success stories of urban and industrial wastewater reuse:

03:15:00 – 03:43:18.- Municipal wastewater reuse: the success case of Murcia | Pedro José Simón Andreu, Technical Director, ESAMUR [read pdf]

03:43:30 – 03:54:23.- Water reuse in the food sector | Javier Gato, Director of the Vilalba plant, Entrepinares [read pdf]

03:54:55 – 04:22:30.- Repsol’s current reuse capacity in the Refining & Chemicals sector: success story of water resources circularity in the industry | Laura Gómez Espina, Scientist, Repsol Technology Lab – Process Development, Circular Economy Technologies [read pdf]

04:22:40 – 04:36:58.- Focus on a LIFE success story: LIFE Water Factory Wilp | Coert Petri, Senior Policy Advisor Waste Water Treatment, Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe [read pdf]

04:37:00 – 04:51:53.- Open Discussion & Conclusions